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Site updates:

11.02.2020 // Footer updated to be a part of FurRing!

22.01.2020 // Updated Yomieda's icons on the top bar! Thank her so much! Also added a new gig in Canberra!

12.01.2020 // Added videos to past gigs. Also added an awesome scrolling background! Thanks, CupcakeCreature!

08.12.2019 // Added a local gig in Canberra at Smith's Alternative!

24.11.2019 // Icons changed to Yomieda's set! Goodies page added with more collections.

26.10.2019 // Game Boy sound comparison page updated to 1.0.1. Goodies page supercharged with my personal collections. About page updated.

31.08.2019 // Game Boy sound comparison page updated to 1.0.0. Goodies page reorganised with an additional table.

30.06.2019 // FamiTracker dubstep guide updated to 1.3 and changed padding & line height to be easier on the eyes. A bit of tidying up was done to goodies (fixing dead links & adding more resources).

29.06.2019 // FamiTracker dubstep guide updated to 1.2.

17.06.2019 // Game Boy sound comparison page updated to 0.9.9.

05.03.2019 // Game Boy sound comparison page updated to 0.9.8.

12.02.2019 // Game Boy sound comparison page updated to 0.9.7c. Major gig upcoming!

29.01.2019 // Game Boy sound comparison page updated to 0.9.7b and added even more links to /goodies/.

24.01.2019 // Game Boy sound comparison page updated to 0.9.7.

23.01.2019 // Game Boy sound comparison page updated to 0.9.6.

12.12.2018 // Gig in a few days.

23.10.2018 // Game Boy sound comparison page updated to 0.9.5. Updated /about to include reference sheet for mascot.

12.09.2018 // Game Boy sound comparison page updated to 0.9.4a. lsdpack is awesome!

01.05.2018 // Sorry for radio silence and short notice of a gig on May 4th, I've been busy with life lately! Major update soon + updated Game Boy Comparison page to 0.9.4.

30.01.2018 // Fixed audio preloading on tutorial pages. Thanks resir014!

07.01.2018 // Updated the Game Boy Comparison page to 0.9.3.

27.11.2017 // Added one past gig to 'Gigs' and updated the Game Boy Comparison page to 0.9.2.

25.11.2017 // Using tigerinspace's mascot drawing in /about and added the 'Gigs' module above.

11.11.2017 // Updated /goodies to include descrptions, /goodies/tutorial/famitracker-dubstep with examples and /goodies/tutorial/game-boy-comparison with DS Lite recordings.

01.11.2017 // Added DEFENSE MECHANISM's LSDJ upgrade cheat sheet to /goodies.

21.10.2017 // Added Ko-Fi link in /about + a few new tutorial scaffolds.

30.09.2017 // Changed web rating from G-PG to PG-14 because of my social media links. Also changed my contact e-mail to

24.08.2017 // The basic premise in ABOUT is ripe and ready to go!

24.08.2017 // Originals section in MUSIC is ripe and ready to go!

23.08.2017 // Almost done constructing the skeleton of the whole webpage.

16.08.2017 // Started the website as a "test of waters". Hosted by Neocities for the time being.

26.10.2019 // Goodies page updated + getting ready for my first LP release!

Greetings, everyone! It’s been a while since I updated the pages properly - the organisation has been very chaotic as of late, but I’ve gotten around to updating a couple of pages around here (about, goodies, the Game Boy comparison page etc.). I’m also proud to announce that I have an LP that will be ready to launch by Februrary of 1st, 2020! Here’s the tentative tracklist so far:

1. Excitement
2. Promenade
3. Decipher.#003
4. Decipher.#004
5. Ballistic Bunny (feat. Kommisar)
6. Shimmering Glimmer
7. Crystal Chamber Combustion Expansion
8. Candy Explosion REV 1.2
9. Megaflux
10. Hyperflux
11. Anthropomorphosis
12. Exit Clause
13. Wanderflux REV 1.2 - Bonus track
14. Tachyon Beam Cannon - Bonus track
15. cTrix - Wanderflux (YM2612 Arrange) - Bonus track
16. Obligatory (Kurorak's Obligatory Destruction Remix) - Bonus track

Watch this space!

12.02.2019 // Retrotastic #2 coming up soon!

I am performing once again down in Melbourne for the Melbourne Chiptune Academy’s Retrotastic gig! Since Square Sounds Melbourne is on hiatus for this year, the chpitune spirit will be kept alive through another gig! I look forward to seeing all of you there!

12.09.2018 // Square Sounds Tokyo 2018 coming up soon!

About time I updated the frontpage properly! Information can be found in the Gigs module above. Sorry for being on super short notice, cheapshot (the organiser) was undergoing some stress and there was miscommunication when I placed my name for a chance to perform at the sideparties. Fortunately, everything’s been resolved in the nick of time, heheh!

07.02.2018 // Square Sounds Melbourne 2018 coming up soon!

Friendly reminder that I will be performing @ 24 Moons for Square Sounds Melbourne 2018! I’m on @ 10:00pm on the 23rd of February, Friday night. More info about the gig can be found here! Acquire tickets here.

I will also be hosting a 90-minute masterclass regarding advanced LSDJ techniques @ the Northcote Library meeting room on the 24th of February, Saturday afternoon (3:00pm). More info on that here.

07.10.2017 // Moved to Netlify for hosting and implemented Gatsby.js & React.js!

Special thanks to resir014 for spending his free time helping me out making my site better! He also made the website more responsive for mobile devices. ☺

24.08.2017 // Added spoiler tags to YouTube Videos in the music section

I realised how much memory is consumed when trying to load too many embedded videos in one page. Hopefully, adding a spoiler tag can alleviate memory problems. If problems still persist, do not hestitate to get in touch with me. You may also want to try refreshing the cache (Ctrl+F5) first, however. Cheers!

24.08.2017 // Moved to Crazy Domains for hosting!